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Part Number:31250-87103
Part Name:Clutch Disc Assy


Product Name:

FAW Truck Parts Clutch Disc Assy 31250-87103


Product Attribute:

Standard or Nonstandard:Standard

Certification:ISO 9001





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Product Description:

Part /OEM No.: 31250-87103
Part name:  Clutch Disc Assy
Quality: Genuine, Original, Replacement A/B level
Place of originCity: Jilin, China mainland
Brand name: FAW

Founded in 1953, FAW as China's state-owned automotive corporation,the company's total assets are valued at 131,491 billion yuan RMB. FAW is a diversified maker of quality light, medium, and heavy-duty trucks, automobiles, municipal buses and luxury tourist coaches, custom bus chassis, and mini-vehicles with total sales in excess of 7 million vehicles worldwide. China FAW Group Corporation, commonly referred to as FAW due to its original name of First Automotive Works, has been at the forefront of promoting China's automotive industry.  FAW has 16 wholly owned subsidiaries and controlling interest in 15 partially owned subsidiaries. 

We are the exporter / wholesaler of FAW all models:  passasnger cars (Xiali, Weizhi), light truck (1031, 1041, 1051, 1061...), commercial trucks and etc. For any enquiries, you can just send with part number, part name and parts quantity to us, we will quote you our best and precise prices. If you are not clear of part numbers, we can also quote with vehicle details.

How your order will be handled with care:
A: Packing detail: each product will be packed in individual box with label of all information (such as part number, part name in English or Spanish or Russian or Arabic and Chinese) on it, and boxes will be packed in carton, cartons will be packed in wooden cases. Heavy parts, light parts and fragile parts will be packed separately.
B: Lead time: up to your order quantity, normally 7 days for air order, 20-30 days for sea order based on containers
C: Payment terms: T/T, LC, Western Union, Paypal, Cash
D: Warranty: 6 months after B/L date
Our features, why customers chose us:
A: Low price because of constantly optimized purchasing sources
B: One-stop-shop, meanwhile you can purchase all your interested Chinese brand parts, accessories and other fast moving parts
C: Certificates for customs clearance can be handled by us
SASO for K.S.A
CIQ for Egypt, Ethiopia
COO, certified CI for Egypt, Argentina
Form A for European countries
Form E for Malaysia
Form F for Chile              
COC for Algeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Hatti, Nigeria
D: Shipment: We have cooperated forwarders on long term basis, can get special discount from DHL for air order and also from many shipping lines for sea order
E: Wholesale and retail order both accepted, but wholesaler price is significantly lower than retail one.
F: Strictly control purchasing sources, put an end to fake, high-copy and scrap parts
G: Fast response, reply within 12 hours
We made it:

Delivery on time rate: 98.3%
Returning Customer Rate: 99.4%
Customer satisfaction: 99.6%
Try us, spend less, making your purchase in china less troublesome and more efficient!

Typical order list


3404035-15 Plain bearing and the fork pivot steering column assembly (for FAW 3312)
3003110-371 Idler arm bracket with average assembly (for FAW 3312)
3003015-371 Rear vertical tie rod assembly (for FAW 3312)
2902010-371 The front spring assembly (for FAW 3312)
2905010-371 Front shock absorber assembly (for FAW3312)
2905418-40 Rubber bush front shock absorber (for FAW 3312)
2932600-371 Stabilizer bar assembly (for FAW3312)
2902471-371 Finger (for FAW3312)
2902471-371 Finger (for FAW3312)
2902495-371 Limiter balancer lever assembly (for FAW3312)
2902490-371 Right balancer lever first front axle (for FAW3312)
2932488-371 Right arm balancer second front axle (for FAW3312)
2932490-371 Right balancer lever 1st front axle (for FAW3312)
2932488-371 Right arm balancing 2nd front axle (for FAW3312)
2932122-371 Bush balancer lever (for FAW3312)
2932485-371 Left arm assembly balancing springs first front axle (for FAW3312)
2932487-371 The left lever spring balancer second front axle (for FAW3312)
2932122-371 Bush balancer lever (for FAW3312)
2902485-371 Left arm balancer first axis (for FAW3312)


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