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Part Name:Hot Sale Yutong Full Auto Parts

Product Name:

Hot Sale Yutong Full Auto Parts


Product Attribute:


Standard or Nonstandard:Standard


Quality level:A++





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Product Description:

Brand name: Yutong
Quality: Genuine, Original, Replacement A/B level
Place of originCity: Zhengzhou China mainland


Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co., Ltd is a large-scale industrial group mainly specialized in the bus business, In 2012, Yutong Group totally delivered 55,456 units of large and medium-sized buses, construction machinery and special vehicles,

We are the exporter / wholesaler ofYutong all models: ZK6720D/ZK6831H/ZK6119HA/ZK6147K/ZK6116D. For any enquiries, you can just send with part number, part name and parts quantity to us, we will quote you our best and precise prices. If you are not clear of part numbers, we can also quote with vehicle details.

How your order will be handled with care:

A: Packing detail: each product will be packed in individual box with label of all information (such as part number, part name in English or Spanish or Russian or Arabic and Chinese) on it, and boxes will be packed in carton, cartons will be packed in wooden cases. Heavy parts, light parts and fragile parts will be packed separately.

B: Lead time: up to your order quantity, normally 7 days for air order, 20-30 days for sea order based on containers

C: Payment terms: T/T, LC, Western Union, Paypal, Cash

D: Warranty: 6 months after B/L date

Our features, why customers chose us:

A: Low price because of constantly optimized purchasing sources

B: One-stop-shop, meanwhile you can purchase all your interested Chinese brand parts, accessories and other fast moving parts

C: Certificates for customs clearance can be handled by us

SASO for K.S.A
CIQ for Egypt, Ethiopia
COO, certified CI for Egypt, Argentina
Form A for European countries
Form E for Malaysia
Form F for Chile
COC for Algeria, Kenya, Bangladesh, Hatti, Nigeria

D: Shipment: We have cooperated forwarders on long term basis, can get special discount from DHL for air order and also from many shipping lines for sea order

E: Wholesale and retail order both accepted, but wholesaler price is significantly lower than retail one.

F: Strictly control purchasing sources, put an end to fake, high-copy and scrap parts

G: Fast response, reply within 12 hours

We made it:

Delivery on time rate: 98.3%
Returning Customer Rate: 99.4%
Customer satisfaction: 99.6%

Reliable suppliers, we are always on the way!

Typical order List:

1766-00039 Cover PPC c shaft gear selection GATE in sb.KPP1700010-V36SO (17KT6K-00030)
30B14-01027 Cover the top of the kingpin. (ZK6737D)
1761-00029 Clutch release bearing assembly (under podsh.360111) ZQ6737D
3552-00214 Cover NTA B135h150h14 (6) (ZK6737D) (6710KSP3)
3552-00212 Cover B130h120h14 PTC (6) (ZK6737D) (6710KSP3) (51os Q1-24S36C-00005)
6108-00087 Tip of the lower link the passenger door (left hand thread)
6108-00086 Tip of the lower link the passenger door (right hand thread)
3003-00018 Tie Rod End left ZK6737D
3003-00017 Tie Rod End right ZK6737D
2911-00191 Finger zad.ressory (ZK6737D) back (EQ1061KS2D3) (bottom-long) ZK6737D
2911-00190 Finger zad.ressory (ZK6737D) (trans. zadn.verhny-short) (EQ1061KS2D3)
29C-01252 Finger front spring Front Yutong ZK6737D (30 * 129)
1608Z07-010 PSU clutch D = 90mm (ZK6737)
1609-00005 PSU (bonding agent) assembly EQ6710KSD
2200-00090 3000210 intermediate support bearing universal joint EQ6710KS3
1761-00029 Clutch release bearing assembly (ZK6737D)
2200-00033 Outboard bearing (ZK6737D) \ 63210 \ 50 * 90 * 30
3104-00035 Bearing ass. ext. (ZK6737D, 6831HE, 6831HG) {75x135x45} 7815
3100-00029 Bearing ass. out. (ZK6737D) 7814
3103-00145 Bearing Lane. (ZK6737D) (33209) 3007209E {external} {45x85x32}
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